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What is Compulsory Basic Training?
Compulsory Basic Training or CBT for short is a course designed to teach total novices what a motorcycle does, what you should wear, how to make it go and how to make it stop safely, and the basics of on road riding.
Every one who wants to ride a moped or motorcycle must complete a cbt, unless you have held a full car licence before 1st Feb 2001, when you can ride a moped up to 50cc.
The course is split in to 5 elements
A - The introduction, ie aims of the course and the importance of correct clothing and equipment.
B -  Practical on site training,ie what all the controls do, being able to put the bike on the stand etc
C - Practical on site riding, ie how to start and stop, change gear, control the bike slowly
D - Practical on road training, ie talking about what to think about on the road and look out for.
E - Practical on road riding, ie putting in to practice everything you have learnt through the day.
It may sound hard work but your training is done at your learning speed and we wont move on to the next stage untill both you and your instructor is happy you know what you need to do.
Once you have completed all the elements to the standard that is needed your instructor will issue your CBT certificate. You will then be able to ride a machine on the road as a learner with L plates. as long as the machine is taxed, insured and mot'd and is correct for your age and licence. Below is the minimum ages for different vehicles
Age 16 A Moped is all you can ride, Category P on your licence, that is a vehicle with a engine no bigger than 50cc and and not able to go faster than 31mph.
Age 17 and over You can ride up to 125cc with no more than 15bhp.
The cbt certificate you are issued is valid for 2 years after that you would need to re take the CBT.   


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