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The Module 1 (mod 1) test has since it's introduction sparked loads of debate and hostility from some groups. In my opinion if the training is done correctly the test dosn't need to be a daunting process.


What is involved in Module 1?

Most of the exercises that you will do on the mod1 test you will have all ready done on the CBT, the main difference is that the test has to be taken on the same class of bike that you intend to take your mod 2 test on so if you are doing the A2 or A licence that means a larger machine that you took the cbt on.


The test its self takes place on a purpose built yard at Carlisle the surface of which is designed to give good levels of grip in all conditions and drains very quickly.


Listed below is a breakdown of the test.

Wheeling the machine in and out of a garage and putting onto a stand.

Doing a slalom and figure of eight exercise.

Cornering, hazard avoidance and a controlled stop in a specific place.

U turn exercise.

A slow ride in a straight line

A emergency stop exercise.


The hazard avoidance and emergency stop exercises need to be done at a minimum of 50KPH approx 32 MPH


From start to finish the test takes about 10 minutes and when passed you will be issued a certificate by the examiner that will allow you take your Module 2 Test.


The way we train people for mod 1 differs between the 125cc and direct access courses, as most people on the 125cc's tend to be riding a bike regularly we arrange the test for you and a couple of days before we will carry out a training session where we lay out the course on a school yard and let you practice all the exercises. Not all schools do this. If you are not a regular rider we are able to lend you a bike a couple of times to help you gain a bit of experience.

If you are doing the A2 or A course's we will spend a day before the school yard session with you getting you used to the bigger bike and practicing some of the exercises on the road.


We transport the bikes to Carlisle for the test but you will need to make your own way to the test center.




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