Cumbria Motorcycle and Driver Training

Module 2 (mod 2) the end game pass this bit and you have a full licence and can ride without L plates and carry passengers.

So what is involved?

Basically the mod 2  is a test of your road riding skills, being able to ride on various types of roads at differing speed limits, in and out of town negotiating roundabouts traffic lights and other hazards safely and with the correct observations where needed.

The test takes about 40 minutes and the examiner will follow you and give you directions via radio.

You will be required to pull away from behind a parked vehicle during the test, pull away on a hill, and there will be a short section on the test where the examiner will give you a series of route directions and you then follow these without further prompting.

Before you start the ride you will be asked a couple of very basic machine questions and a question on the carrying of a passenger. You will also do an eyesight test.


At the end of the test pass and that's it!! You will be given a pass certificate that allows you to get your full licence.

Cumbria Motorcycle Training

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